Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is required to book my date?

A: You will be required to sign a contract and a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the room fee is required.


Q: How soon should I book my date?

A: If the date is important to you, we recommend booking as soon as you are ready. We make no guarantee on the availability of your date and do not reserve a date without a signed contract and deposit.


Q: How do I book my date?

A: We can send the contract via email for you to sign and return or you can schedule an appointment to come in and sign the contract and place the deposit.


Hours and Details

Q: How much time is included in the room usage fee?

A: 6 hours


Q: Is setup and tear down included in the 6 hours?

A: No, the 6 hours begins at your guest arrival time. We block off 2 hours before the guest arrival for setup and 1 hour after the event for tear down. Tear down must be completed before the building closing time.


Q: How late can my party go?

A: All events must be concluded by 11:30 pm and tear down by 12:30 am.


Q: What happens if I need more time or go over on the time?

A: Additional time can be added for $200 per hour but parties must be concluded by 11:30 pm.


Q: Does tear down include cleaning? What am I responsible to clean?

A: Tear down does include cleaning. You are responsible for all of your items and anything your caterer or vendors bring or use (removing all trash from food service and leaving the serving area clean).


Caterers and Alcohol Policies

Q: Do you offer food on-site?

A: We work with our primary caterer, Penne Lane, to provide menus.


Q: Do I have to use your catering?

A: No, you may choose your own catering company. They should be licensed.


Q: Can my caterer use your kitchen?

A: No, we do not have a kitchen. We do provide space and tables for the caterer inside the building. We recommend the caterer coming in to assess the area. 


Q: Is there electricity for my caterer to use?

A: No, we recommend that they bring a generator with them.


Q: Is there an additional charge to provide my own caterer?

A: Yes, there are additional charges to provide your own catering.


Q: Can I supply my own bar?

A: No, we offer bar packages for you to choose from. You or your caterer can supply non-alcohol beverages only.


Q: Do I have to purchase alcohol for my event?

A: No, you do not have to serve alcohol at your event but you, your caterer, and your guests are not allowed to bring their own.



Q: What if I need to cancel my event?

A: All Cancellations need to be in writing, either an email or a mailed letter. The letter must contain your intent to cancel and the date of the event. The letter must be signed by one of the contacts listed on the contract.


Q: Do I get my money back if I cancel?

A: The deposit is non-refundable and our contract provides more information on our payment policies.


Q: What if I want to postpone or change the date of my event?

A: The intent would need to be in writing and once a new date is chosen a new contract would need to be signed. The cancellation policy in the contract would apply for all payments.


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